quarta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2007

Shopping 4

I haven't decided which monitor to buy (I'm very interested in the K90, photos attached), I realized that the project has to go under some changes, one of them is that I do not want to put anything in glove compartment, perhaps only the USB Hub. I already have the slim DVD-ROM drive but I couldn't find the cable to connect to the motherboard so I decided to seek a box to put the drive and after hours of search on the net I found a shop in http://loja.at-infor .com / view_product.php? product = CEX5.25-SLIMLINE near my job location and I ordered immediately, also with a good service, they called me to confirm the order and said that would arrived today, I doubted a little, but the truth is that by 11am today here it was (photos attached), it had all the cables needed and is powered via USB so I have solved the problem of connection. Today I found some versions of XP and Vista Lite which I've not yet decided which to install

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