quarta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2007

Shopping 2

This week I researched almost all the links that had the words carpc and carputer project, I found one add selling some material in the forum www.tuning.online.pt, I came in contact with the person in question (JTDPower) and business was done

I take this opportunity to thank the availability and speed of response.

I bought the following:

Motherboard Via Epia M10000 e hard drive 60gb ide 2,5 + adapter, the full package was 130 € shipping cost included

so far I've spend

Power supply 74 € + 13,50 € shipping cost
Motherboard + hard drive 130 € (shipping cost included)

Total: 217,50 €

Still missing some basic things to start working, the memory is the most essential, I will order it today...

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