segunda-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2008

Summary of expenses...

Power supply - 74 € + 13,50 € (shipping cost) = 87,5 €
Motherboard Via Epia M10000 e har drive 60gb ide 2,5 + adapter - 130 € (shipping cost included)
Connection cables - 5 €
External bo for USB DVD Rom / Slim - 44,90 € + 9,05 € (shipping cost) = 53,95 €
Memória RAM 1024MB DDR400 - 63,30 (shipping cost included)
Monitor 7" TFT VGA Touchscreen in dash System K90 = 297,95 € (shipping cost included)
AVerTV USB 2.0 Plus (External TV Tuner to watch TV and capture video in car PC and listen to radio) - 79,90 €
VGA / VGA cable - 16,90 €
Bluetooth Pen - 10,85

Total (for now): 682,05

Still missing:

GPS receiver
Keyboard + mouse

OBD cable

Rearview camara (for parking assistance)

Parking sensors
Light sensor (for full automated turn on lights)

terça-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2008

The monitor finaly!!!

Today I decided and ordered the display from was the best price I found until now (it becomes harder to find both the K90 and the K301). I always wanted one of these because any of these two are fully automized and closed after power off they have two buttons in the front panel which reduces the interest of thieves and also because it only requires little changes to the aspect of my dashboard that is now very smooth with white leds contrary to the orange lights that Opel places in their cars.

Soon I'll put here some photos of the installation of the monitor and following accessories