quinta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2007


This passion is not new, I've always been fascinated by Tunning, but not the bad Tunning, I like slight changes and I'm now considering starting to do them, I found a Brazilian website www.vectraclube.com.br in which they talk a lot about the Vectras, because in Brazil the Vectra is a much beloved car. I was trying to find one explanation on how to disassemble the panel of instruments of my Vectra and I found the website I liked the way these new friends enjoyed cars and decided to stay and register.

And it keeps going and going...

Because the money does not fall from the sky (in fact it does , but that is another project for the future) I made a small purchase, a magazine whith some offers including a USB Hub, which will do perfectly to connect the several devices of the Carputer and it is quite discreet and lightweight which would facilitate the placement anywhere with a simple, double-sided tape.

quarta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2007

Shopping 4

I haven't decided which monitor to buy (I'm very interested in the K90, photos attached), I realized that the project has to go under some changes, one of them is that I do not want to put anything in glove compartment, perhaps only the USB Hub. I already have the slim DVD-ROM drive but I couldn't find the cable to connect to the motherboard so I decided to seek a box to put the drive and after hours of search on the net I found a shop in http://loja.at-infor .com / view_product.php? product = CEX5.25-SLIMLINE near my job location and I ordered immediately, also with a good service, they called me to confirm the order and said that would arrived today, I doubted a little, but the truth is that by 11am today here it was (photos attached), it had all the cables needed and is powered via USB so I have solved the problem of connection. Today I found some versions of XP and Vista Lite which I've not yet decided which to install

segunda-feira, 15 de outubro de 2007

What monitor to buy??

As expected CarTFT delivery arrived, Friday I got the memory, I'm facing a indecision, which display to buy, because it is the most expensive part, some points to consider:

It has to be Touch Screen, must have VGA input, motorized (automatically) and retractable closed and should be discreet, not to mention that it must have dual zone function, and integrated tuner, I am tired of looking and can't decide ...

This weekend I've discovered how to dismantle the center console of my car to conect power cables and I came to the conclusion that maybe if I'm going to mount the carputer there just behind the front screen or perhaps in the glove compartment ...

quinta-feira, 11 de outubro de 2007

Shopping 3 + attempt to build

Yesterday I ordered the memory (1024MB DDR RAM 400), but there was some delay in the e-mail with the payment and only this morning I could see it and respond, so only tomorrow ( if the speed on delivering is still the same) I should receive the material, so during the weekend I can try to mount what I have. Yesterday I already tested it by placing the material in a box of one old satellite receiver Echostar 8200S, I've removed the interior parts and tried to see how could I distribute the material, the DVD ROM drive will not be placed in this box, but in the compartment that my car, top center console, as in England this friend Paul (cambo) did http://www.cambouk.com/carpc, with a car equal to mine.

quarta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2007

Shopping 2

This week I researched almost all the links that had the words carpc and carputer project, I found one add selling some material in the forum www.tuning.online.pt, I came in contact with the person in question (JTDPower) and business was done

I take this opportunity to thank the availability and speed of response.

I bought the following:

Motherboard Via Epia M10000 e hard drive 60gb ide 2,5 + adapter, the full package was 130 € shipping cost included

so far I've spend

Power supply 74 € + 13,50 € shipping cost
Motherboard + hard drive 130 € (shipping cost included)

Total: 217,50 €

Still missing some basic things to start working, the memory is the most essential, I will order it today...

Shopping part 1


I gained courage and ordered from CarTFT the power source

the M2-ATX 6-24V DC / DC (160 Watts photo attached), to my surprise in the following day I received the package, great service, taking into account that the sender is from Germany:

CarTFT.com e.K.
Carl-Zeiss-Str. 73/2
72770 Reutlingen

Germany, from one day to another, with these services whos willing to buy in Portugal where nearly all services take almost one week to send the material
congratulations on the service CarTFT