quarta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2008


Time passes and a lot happens, since the last post, I didn't have time to publish here (things will change because now i'm beginning to have more time)

Last update, I was still missing:

OBD cable

Rearview camara (for parking assistance) I decided to go with this now
Parking sensors
Light sensor (for full automated turn on lights)

...added some more:

USB controler board

Tyre pressure sensors - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pj6fauTpDE&feature=related

Box for carPC

Valentine ONE (the best!!!) radar detector - http://www.valentineone.eu/valentineonept.html?gclid=CLeM-JiQ0ZUCFQVKtAodKCQx5A

Front camera with infrared sensor (Nightvision) -

Windscreen wipers
sensor (for rain) - http://car-fx.com/loja/product_info.php?products_id=67&osCsid=5e39b6cd56f618057ec83bc79996b429

and I probably will find some more things to add...


back to the camera I found this one:

I recommend this website http://www.chinavasion.com (good service, very clear and fast on delivary)

after several tests in my garage with the camera and monitor that I have since my son was born, and that I used to monitor him when he was sleeping and me and my wife where not near him, like this one

and after checking that the monitor (K90) had good picture, the monitor as RCA Video input for when we engage reverse gear, so I ordered the camera above (22,86 €), on a friday and monday was here (great!). It just makes me feel sad that in Portugal things are not like this , so quicly. The most complicaded was having the camera delivered to me, when I ordered I've chosen transportation through DHL (I've paid + 21,58 €) and it was quick arriving to Portugal, I was contacted on Monday by DHL informing me that the package had arrived but to deliver it to me I would have to pay 36 € + costums fee, I said no because I work near the airport and the costums service and I would go there to pick it up, they said they would call me again, Tuesday they called me and said that I would have to go to DHL to pick up documentation, so I went, I signed some documents and they gave others, them I run to the airport (Costums building 69, it was 15.40 pm and it closed at 16 pm), when I got there I went to the attendance desk where I delivered the documents and after signing some more, they sent me to the 1st floor, I waited after a few minutes they called me for some king of interrogation, the girl there asked me about were did I had ordered the goods and what was it destinated for, after clarification she said - "You'll have to pay 15 € (great, based on what they charge this?), she sent me again to the same attendance desk where I went in the first place, I delivered the proff of payment and the guy across the glass said - "You have to pay 2 €!" (great again!), I decide not to complain things where going and that was good, those guys don't care and if you start complaining they can mess with you, so I paid, I went in with the officer in charge ofthe warehouse to pick up the goods, I was suprised when he delivered me a small box that could fit in the palm of my hand, suprised because it was so small and also because I had paid more 17 € to get that out of there (but it could have been worse) when I arrived at home at night I tested it and it worked well, it has mirror function, it doesn't have infrared, but if the reverse gear is engaged the car has enough light (I will also change the lights to ultrabright LED's soon)

When possible I will post the link to the video, for now you can watch this video and you will see wich is the porpuse, the project belongs to RobbyBMW - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqjL37QVe2M

There's a new project being developed for two sytems, one in front an d the other at the rear, but form now I will not interested.

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