quarta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2008

GPS receiver and car radio

I was missing a GPS receiver , but not a radio, however mine didn't have auxiliary input jack for connecting the audio output of carputer

It could have chosen to buy only one amplifier but I would lose some functions such as volume control (only in carputer), with a new radio I can have amplification, mute through remote control and other extra functions that a stand alone option gives, as independence of sound by speaker and extra equalization and others.

GPS - € 69.90 - http://www.ideusworld.com/es/Productos/2/1115/producto-antena-gps-bluetooth-procesador-mtk/

Kenwood - KDC-W311A - € 67.80 - http://www.kenwood.es/kdc% 2Dw311a.h

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Ataim Adzam disse...

Ó meu amigo!!!Já estamos em abril e não há mais novidades????Então como é que eu copio o teu projecto?!!!